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This weekend's lessons are centered on a vineyard. Vineyards were places where the collaboration of humans and God created wine through a number of steps.

From planting and tending the vines, to the work of the sun and rain to nourish them, to harvesting and squeezing the grapes to put into vats and casks to allow fermentation to occur.

So many things can affect the final product which is why certain vintages are better than others.  The weather plays a huge role, but also how mindful the vinedressers are in tending the vines and the vintners are in tending the casks.

If things go really bad- there is no harvest or vinegar is created!

What happens if the problem is the people? 

Not caring for the vineyard as they should?

Not caring about what they produce?

Even becoming hateful and violent towards those outside the vineyard who come to them?

If Christ commands us to bear good fruit, and that fruit is embodied in unconditional love towards the neighbor, how are we doing?

How are we treating the vineyard/creation?

How are we caring for what we do and what we create for others?

How are we treating those sent to us?

How might you work in the vineyard in such a way that the fruit of love is created in abundance?