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Mary Havenhill, Asher Havenhill, Dick Flones and Gigi George were the BSLC Members serving at the Lot on Sunday, April 14th. They, along with other volunteers, fed 155 people. 8 of those were delivered to folks unable to get to the lot. 

Beautiful Savior will again sponsor the Lot on Sunday, May 26th. It will be the same meal: Hot dogs, potato salads, chips, buns, cookies.  This is a simple meal that doesn't cost much and is easy to prepare/transport to the Lot.  

Mary says she would like our congregation to continue to sponsor a meal each month. The Lot on 22nd currently only has two other organizations that sponsor monthly. Could we be the third?  

If you'd like to donate food or help prepare/serve/set up, please contact Mary Havenhill at 520-481-5684.

Thank you to all who donated food and helped prepare it this month!